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Embrace the good times

Embrace the good times

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Whether you own a bar, sports team or other in-person (or online) events venue, keeping your patrons entertained can be tough. If you don’t get them all working together towards some sort of fun goal, it’s far too easy for them to lose interest and not give you their full attention … and move on. Rockstar Antics was created to bring extraordinary entertainment to anyone that deals with small and large groups of people. We aim to provide exciting, hands-on recreation that makes entertaining your group easy and exciting. We focus on a range of fun filled activities designed to get your patrons and team members thoroughly enjoying their time with you.

Our primary focus today is Rockstar Bingo; an innovative new web-based app that can transform any venue into a bustling playhouse. The platform is made to appeal to everyone and gets your patrons laughing, socializing and challenging their wits in a music-based bingo game. Rockstar Bingo can help increase volume and ensure customers see your venue as a hip palace where they want to stick around. By simply connecting to the app through their smartphone, clientele of all ages can link into a venue-wide game and battle it out against other players. If you’re looking to turn casual visitors into repeat customers, or simply entertain an audience before your other main event, then this just may be the solution for you as it gives them a reason to keep coming back for more. The easy-to-use web-based app requires no downloads and creates an instant atmosphere in any venue that’s simply contagious. Customers will be singing along and playing to win prizes that your venue (and/or partners) can provide such as gift certificates or swag to further strengthen your relationship with them.

Rockstar Antics was a spin-off from Regroove, a Canadian cloud technology company with a focus on modernizing organizations. Armed with a team of talented developers during the height of the pandemic, Regroove decided to get to work on a few passion projects and Rockstar Bingo was just one of them. Initially a vehicle for the founder’s band ‘SuperSauce’ and intended to helping the band provide a unique offering for bars to encourage repeat appearances.

Rockstar Antics is also working on Shelterball, a new indoor softball game made to empower sports captains to host simple, easy-to-organize games for their teams. The Shelterball app helps captains assemble teams, eliminate costs with umpires and keep track of games and rosters much easier while also empowering venues who are looking to form new indoor activities for their visitors.

Both games/apps became the products of Rockstar Antics in April of 2021 so that they can continue to expand with the right focus and without creating confusion around the Regroove brand and mission.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide revolutionary, yet simple entertainment for businesses and individuals that works with small to large groups. From bar owners to sports teams, we hope to empower these leaders to bring together their customers in a more cohesive fashion and improve group enjoyment. Most importantly, the goal is to make hosting games easier than ever. For too long these types of events have been complex to organize, paper-based and based on old ideas and attitudes. We wanted to streamline the process and give a fast, fun and effective solution to bringing recreation to large groups of people. By connecting all kinds of hosts with a world of simple yet impactful entertainment, our hope is to pave the way for a whole new era of recreation and fun. One where clientele comes back again and again for fun-filled activities for years to come.

Or … shorter and sweeter

Rockstar Antics is an entertainment company that empowers businesses to dial up the fun by making game hosting easy with simple apps and proven systems. Our aim is to help you bring more traffic to your venue and keep your clientele coming back for more.

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