Rockstar Antics

Embrace the good times!

Embrace the good times!

Rockstar Antics is an entertainment company that empowers businesses to dial up the fun by making game hosting easy with simple apps and proven systems. Our aim is to help you bring more traffic to your venue and keep your clientele coming back for more. 

Host Music Bingo games with ease.

Rockstar Antics has created Rockstar Bingo to bring the game of Music Bingo to venues of all shapes and sizes so that they can put bums in seats and keep them there.

From casual games with friends to large professional events, our platform will provide hours of fun. Hosts simply choose a playlist, send players a code and start the game, while players simply listen and dab. Easy. Fun. Repeatable.

And if you are interested in where it all started, check out 

Listen and Dab with Rockstar Bingo Music Bingo

Play ball. Indoors.

Shelterball is a fast-paced, high cardio indoor version of softball, played on every surface from covered turf to a school gym. With a new set of rules and a little bit of chaos, Shelterball is a fast and fun indoor sport we can play all year round.

The self-service logo library

Whether you’re a designer making a portfolio, or a company setting up brand guidelines, Logo Repo makes it simple for you to upload and organize all of your logos and share them easily with others so they can self-serve the sizes they need, when they need them.

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